Welcome to the association of Relocation Experts in Switzerland

Swiss Association of Relocation Agents

Founded in 2003, our mission is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding corporate mobility and to enhance industry performance standards by communication and education.

This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, proud of everything that has been achieved and looking forward to a bright future. 

We want to thank our sponsors for the celebration party

What are relocation services?

Relocation is both about people and their unique situations and about business expansion. Business needs are such today that it is imperative for a relocated employee to return to maximum productivity as soon as possible. If employees’ needs are not adequately met, at the end of the day, organizations fall short of optimising their ROI.

Our mission

  • Be the Swiss regional representative of EuRA (the European Relocation Association)
  • Create a legal framework within which the Swiss Relocation Industry can grow and develop. 
  • Establish long term relationship with governmental authorities
  • Promote the highest level of professionalism and quality services
  • Encourage its members to undertake professional training
  • Serve as a link between professional associations, partners and clients
  • Track industry trends and  disseminate information collated to its members

Our Activities

  • Legal advices and support for international mobility professionals
  • Face to face training and webinars for members and HR Managers involved with relocation agencies
  • Get together with the authorities, chamber of commerce, business partners and other associations
  • Publication of industry relevant information 
  • Representation of the relocation industry with the media
  • Contacts with similar associations in surrounding countries
  • Negotiation of special discounts relevant to our members and their clients (books, insurance, banking, etc.)

Our Partners Associations

Members’ qualifications

SARA membership qualification is stringent and provides a guarantee of the quality, professionalism and highest level of ethic of its members. This in turn, is an element of added value both for companies already based in Switzerland or for those companies who may be calling upon our members’ services as they plan to relocate a business entity in our country. Key players of the Relocation Services domain in Switzerland have all joined this initiative. All members are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Conduct. Corporate Membership is also open to HR specialists of Swiss-based Corporations who deal with international mobility issues.

SARA is a member of The European Relocation Association (EuRA) which runs European certifications for European professionals under the auspices of its European Academy of Relocation Professionals, (EARP) as well as the EuRA Quality Seal, the world’s first accreditation program for relocation providers.

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Our Executive Board

The Executive Committee conducts daily affairs and is competent to take all decisions and resolutions which do not fall under the jurisdiction of other governing bodies.
Day to day activities are coordinated by SARA’s Executive Officer.
Members of the Executive Committee are elected by the General Assembly to the absolute majority of votes represented.

The Committee is composed of:

In order to assist the Executive Committee and the members, SARA nominated an Executive Officer in 2016:

Executive Officer: Sabine E. BaerlocherActive Synapses

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