International Moving Panel Discussion – March 12 – Geneva

Have you ever wondered how to effectively compare moving quotation, understanding differences in weights or volumes, air and overseas shipments, potential additional charges, etc? 

What about explaining your clients everything about moving inspections and surveys, groupage, direct or dedicated move, custom clearance, and more? 

All of these questions and many more have been discussed during this informative and interactive panel led by three of our moving supplier members. 

With over 20 participants from many member companies, the event has been a great success and we received many thank you following it. 

Thank you to our fantastic presenters: 

– Dominique Mundia from Sterling Lexicon 

– Jimmy Bruzzese from the SMC

 Jean-Sylvain Nicoud from Harsch 

Access to the presentation can be found on the member only section of the website for all our members. 


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